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In the footwear industry, ensuring product quality and durability is essential. To meet these requirements, the manufacturers use QUV Testers as an important tool to test and evaluate the quality standards of their products. In this article, we will learn about the application of QUV Tester (Q-Lab) in the footwear industry.

1. Evaluate the durability of footwear products against sunlight: One of the main factors affecting the quality of footwear is the impact of sunlight. QUV Testers allow manufacturers to test the durability of footwear against the effects of ultraviolet light and high temperature, and help determine the ability of footwear materials to protect the color and structure.

​QUV test samples

2. Check the durability of glue and adhesive materials: Footwear is often attached to glue and other adhesive materials. The QUV Testers allow testing the durability of glues and other adhesive materials under simulated sunlight and high-temperature conditions, helping ensure that they do not lose quality during use.

3. Evaluate the durability of auxiliary materials such as shoe soles and shoe laces: In the footwear industry, auxiliary materials such as shoe soles and laces also play an important role. QUV Testers help test the durability of these materials under the impact of harsh weather factors.

QUV responds to NIKE testing standards

4. Save time and costs: Using QUV Testers in the product development process helps save time and costs. Instead of having to test products in outdoor environments for long periods, experts can quickly evaluate product performance in the laboratory.

5. Quality assurance and product marketization: Using the QUV Testers helps ensure product quality and provides the necessary information to market leather and footwear products. This helps create trust from customers and efficiency in the increasingly competitive leather and footwear market.

Conclusion: QUV Tester of Q-LAB is an important tool in testing the footwear industry to ensure product quality and durability. The use of QUV Testers helps test the resistance of footwear to sunlight, evaluate the durability of glue and connection materials, and test the durability of auxiliary materials, saving time and resources, as well as ensuring product quality and marketization.

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